Upcoming May Courses

Mobile Data Collection and Management Using Kobo Toolbox- 2nd to 12th May

Keno Institute will be delivering a top-notch Kobo Toolbox Training through 7 guided sessions from 2nd – 12th May 2022. What is distinct about this training is that it is aligned with professional research and monitoring and evaluation data collection and management processes, to give participants the skills they can immediately apply to their work contexts.   


  1. 7 guided 1-30 Minutes virtual sessions with the course facilitator (starting @ 6:30 PM).
  2. Certificates to be issued and delivered upon successful completion of the training.
  3. Training will be highly guided by your own needs and expectations. 
  4. Position yourself for the next big step in your career Training sessions will be recorded. 

Project Management Training for Development Organisations and NGOs (Includes MS Project)

Project Management is the process of effectively planning and managing projects, programmes, and organizations. It is used widely in the development sector. This short course is aimed at equipping participants with knowledge, skills, and attitudes in Project Management to enable them plan, execute, monitor, and control projects. The course will also equip participants with an advanced skill set in Microsoft Project to enable them plan, schedule, track projects. This course identifies key management skills required by project managers, operational staff, project planners and technical team among others and equips them with an understanding of project management techniques, tools, and practices crucial for managing projects successfully and the ability to deliver outputs efficiently.

Number of Participants: 35 Slots available 

What: This is a 4 Week-Virtual Training (2 hours once a day Monday-Thursday for 4 weeks)

When: Timing: Starting at 18: 30 Hrs (Zambian time)


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