This course provides a comprehensive understanding of quantitative research methodologies from inception to completion. This course shows how to do high quality data science, one of the fastest, most impactful areas in all of academia, industry, government etc. The training will enable participants to design and conduct high quality research studies using the quantitative paradigm and issues that affect research validity. Participants will be able to search, critically appraise, summarise and apply published research evidence in their settings.

 Expected Outcome

  • Understand research designs: types, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Properly formulate research question and objectives and align study objectives to study population and methodology.
  • Understand the concept of statistical power and sample size calculation.
  • Understand sampling techniques including simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling.
  • Theoretical concepts and practical considerations in research ethics.
  • Produce and interpret descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Need to be able to write research protocols and reports.
  • Critically review research reports and scientific papers.
  • Data Management & Analysis Using (STATA).


This training targets research analysts, Data collectors, program staff, academia, students, and research consultants responsible for undertaking research related assignments.

Workshop Content:

  • Research paradigms: quantitative and qualitative
  • Study designs: types, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Research question(s) and literature review
  • Research hypothesis and SMART research objectives
  • Aligning study objectives to study population and methodology
  • How to write a research proposal: structure and approach
  • Introduction to inferential statistics
  • Research validity and reliability
  • Bias: in different research designs, controlling for bias at design stage
  • Confounding: concept and adjustment for confounders
  • Group exercise: statistics, bias, and confounding
  • Reporting research
  • Group exercise: research question, objectives, design, and proposal writing
  • Data Management & Analysis Using STATA


Training Fee: ZMK 2,400


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If you are unable to pay using the online methods listed above please, contact Keno Institute for alternative methods of payment.

Registration: Interested participants should click on the link below https://kenoinstitute.org/register/ and send a copy of the proof of payment, full details (Full Name, Address, Email Address, contact Number) to keno@kenoinstitute.org / keno.institute@gmail.com

Contact line: +260770346838 / +260761685388


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