This course is designed to improve the leadership skills of individuals and program staff who are working in management or coordination roles. The participants will be equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes of management and leadership to enhance organisational performance. Sessions combine theory with practical exercises and case studies to enable the trainees to further practice their leadership skills in realistic situations. The course also offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their personal leadership skills and outline a personal development plan.

Website: https://kenoinstitute.org/

Learning Outcomes:   On completion of this training the participants, will be able to:

  1. Understand the Principles of Management and Leadership
  2. Define and formulate plans to address problems
  3. Manage Programmes and Projects to enhance organisational performance
  4. Manage Human Resources for effective implementation of organisational activities
  5. Make use of Strategic Information for decision making and management to enhance organisation performance
  6. Manage and account for financial and material resources at organisational level

When: Nov, 29-2021- to Jan 14th Jan 2022 (2-hour-live zoom sessions – 3 times a week)

Link: A link to all the lesson materials will be shared up front with all the students after the confirmation of payment.  This will enable students to review materials before class as the class time will be used to review the materials and for practical activities

Workshop Content:

Module 1: Principles of Management and Leadership

  • Explaining Management and leadership
  • Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Characteristics of management and leadership
  • Power and Leadership
  • Strengthening Leadership and management in Organisations

Module 2: Problem Identification and Definition for Strategic Planning

  • Concept of a Problem
  • Problem Identification
  • Importance of problem definition
  • Characteristics of a problem definition
  • Linking problem definition to strategic planning

Module 3: Fundamentals of Organisational Structures, Programme and Project Management

  • Understanding organizational structures
  • Fundamentals of Programme and Project Management
  • Management and Leadership Tools

Module 4: Human Resource Management

  • Overview and Employee life cycle
  • Manager’s role in employee life cycle
  • Performance management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Use Organisational Guidelines and Procedures to      manage human resources
  • Conflict Management
  • Management of employee motivation
  • Promoting teamwork and communication

Module 5: Strategic Information Management

  • Strategic information management cycle
  • Components of strategic information management
  • Role of monitoring in Strategic Information    Management
  • Using information from M&E systems

Module 6: Budgeting and Financial Management 

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial policy and management
  • Financial reporting and decision making
  • Procurement
  • Stores, inventory, and assets management
  • Elements of effective internal control systems

Registration Fees

  Registration Type  Regular fees
Per ParticipantZMK 2, 900 Per participant


This is the perfect course for those who want to develop their skills in leading a project or a team. Course participants include team members, program managers, project supervisors and project managers wishing to increase their skills and knowledge to understand the tools and techniques to manage a project. Participants to our courses come from various parts of the world, and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that is shared in the course forums.

Registration: Interested participants should send a copy of the proof of payment, full details (Full Name, Address, Email Address, contact Number) to keno@kenoinstitute.org / keno.institute@gmail.com

Sign-Up: https://kenoinstitute.org/sign-up/

Contact line: 0971-696044     //   0976-715821


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