Project Cycle Management (PCM) is the process of effectively planning and managing projects, programmes and organizations. It is used widely in the development sector. This course identifies key project cycle management skills required by project managers, operational staff, project planners and technical team among others and equips them with an understanding of project cycle management techniques, tools and practices crucial for managing projects successfully and the ability to deliver outputs efficiently.  By the end of the training, trainees will be able to understand how to manage the activities of a project throughout the identification, formulation, planning and implementation cycle.

Learning Objectives

  • To equip trainees with knowledge, skills, and practices on project cycle management
  •  To introduce trainees to project management tools such as the Logical Framework approach (LFA) as well as participatory approaches commonly used in projects
  • Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation, and support and manage project teams to achieve enhanced project results
  • To strengthen participants competency in effective project management

Course Content

  • Essentials of Project cycle Management
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Key Components of a Project
  • Significant steps in project planning (needs assessment, problem analysis, objective setting, and stakeholder analysis).
  • Developing a project logical framework
  • Theory of Change
  • Estimating resource requirements 
  • Managing your project team
  • Managing Risks and Quality
  • Project reviews, and sustainability mechanisms

Course outcomes

  • Conducting effective assessments
  • Demonstrate how to develop logical planning frameworks
  • Identify resource management techniques
  • Identify project risks in the critical stages of project implementation
  • Demonstrate your understanding of effective monitoring and evaluation, and create useful reports

Participants: This training is suitable for professionals working in the public sector, non-government agencies, business, education, welfare, or health. Whether you are already in an project management -related role or seeking a career change, this multidisciplinary program will help open doors globally.

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