Keno Institute be delivering a top-notch Kobo Toolbox Training through 7 guided sessions from 14th – 23rd March 2022. What is distinct about this training is that it is aligned with professional research and monitoring and evaluation standards and practices, to give participants the skills they can immediately apply to their work contexts.


  1. 7 guided 1-30 Minutes virtual sessions with the course facilitator (starting @ 7 PM).
  2. Certificates to be issued and delivered upon successful completion of the training.
  3. Training will be highly guided by your own needs and expectations. 
  4. Position yourself for the next big step in your career Training sessions will be recorded. 


In this course, you will learn how to develop survey data collection forms, deploying them on mobile devices, collecting data and managing the data. Everything you need to know to get started and reach mastery level in Kobo has been included.

  Workshop Content:  

  • Introduction to Kobo Toolbox
  • How to develop forms using Kobo Toolbox’s form builder integrating skip logic, validation logic, calculated fields, translations and cascading selects
  • How to deploy the forms on Android devices including tweaking settings and options on your fleet of mobile devices used to collect survey data
  • How to manage data uploaded to Kobo Toolbox by viewing, editing, accepting, downloading it and creating custom data visualization reports
  • How to develop advanced forms using XLSFORM
  • Other advanced form builder/xlsform features updated weekly (e.g. advanced calculations, controlling repeat groups, using regex
  • Data Management/Visualizing with Kobo

Registration Fees  : ZMK 800 

 Participants: This training is suitable for professionals working in the public sector, nongovernment agencies, business, education, welfare, health etc. including researchers, data managers and M&E experts.


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