KENO” (pronounced key-no) is derived from old Latin and is the root of the words “know” and “knowledge”. As our motto says, “To Know is to Grow” and we impart knowledge to enable our clients to grow. Our training courses provide participants the platform to build and grow their skill set and capabilities. We also conduct research and write proposals on behalf of individuals and organizations. Keno Institute of Training & Research (KI) assigns Mentors (facilitators) beyond the onsite/virtual training to the trainees to guide them produce evidence-based documentation and knowledge in their fields of specialization. We have a long-standing tradition of providing tailor made capacity building training programs through onsite and virtual platforms for professionals in the Public and Private Sectors. We also offer consultancy services in the areas of monitoring and evaluation and strategic planning.

Our emphasis is on practical knowledge and skill sets rather than theory because we believe in empowering people to deal with real life. We believe in delivering holistic and sustainable training and consultancy services which empower individuals to solve problems. Our top-class training courses meet the demands of individual students, employees in Non-governmental organizations, Companies and Government Agencies.

Our clientèle ranges from individual researchers, institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities), correspondence students to employees in organizations, companies and government agencies.

Our mission is to research, design and deliver high impact training programs and a wide range of consultancy services that prepare and produce outstanding individuals who are able to practically solve problems.


  • Critical visionary thinking
  • A culture of problem-solving
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Discipline and commitment
  • Value addition
  • Team work